It all started when...the poppies popped. 

Grandmamma tended her garden like a queen, I had never seen anything so beautiful. Rows and rows of beautiful pink and red poppies. I knew in that instant that I needed flowers in my life, I needed them to breathe. The very sight of them brings a delight like no other. Scents awaken a joy deep within. The feel of stems in my hand and petals on my fingertips give me peace. I try to capture this feeling in all my arrangements. Flowers express who you are, they display your personality. Every design is unique to the person for whom I am arranging for.     

I moved to South Carolina in 2009 to attend the University of South Carolina and never looked back. I was hooked. I met my southern gentlemen who charmed me all the way to Beaufort, SC. We had our dream wedding in 2014 and settled down in this beautiful seaside town. Our lives took on a whole new meaning with the birth of our sweet baby boy. I love the lowcountry and every seasonal secret it has to offer. Magnolias blossoming in the spring, hydrangea's clustered along a summer shoreline, golden shades of solidago as leaves fall to camellias perfectly petaled in time for Christmas.  The natural beauty is overwhelming, it grabs you and never lets you go.